About us

We’re both dog lovers, and grew up with high energy family dogs. Over the course of the years, we’ve tended innumerable dogs, from tiny chihuahua puppies to an ageing malamute. We now specialise in higher need dogs, such as puppies, small dogs and oldies, because our peaceful home suits them, and we have the time and experience to provide the special care and attention they need, whatever form that might take.


  • Assessing, socialising, training and rehabilitating, fostering, home checking, walking, providing daycare, transport and boarding.
  • We have managed and rehabilitated dogs with issues such as acute anxiety, hyperarousal, resource-guarding; reactivity; timidity; separation anxiety, obsessive behaviour and more.

Dog breeds we have worked with include: chihuahua, toy poodle, miniature poodle, shih tzu, havanese, pomeranian, papillon, Jack Russell terrier, West Highland Terrier, yorkshire terrier, border terrier, cairn terrier, Bedlington Terrier, lakeland terrier, french bulldog, dachshund, bodeguero, podenco, coton de tulear, miniature schnauzer, italian greyhound, corgi, whippet, lurcher, greyhound, shiba inu, cavalier King Charles spaniel, cocker spaniel, springer spaniel, labrador, retriever, border collie, old english sheepdog, Bernese mountain dog, staffordshire bull terrier, beagle, German shepherd, great Pyrenees mountain dog and of course crossbreeds of all types including cockapoos, labradoodles and more.

Kirsteen is a fully qualified teacher, whose career included supporting psychologically damaged and mentally ill children and young people aged 3-25 in Scottish primary, secondary and special educational establishments and private homes. Her natural empathy and teaching ability, combined with her knowledge and experience of dogs has made the transition into training dogs effortless and straightforward.

Certificates and studies

We endeavour to stay informed and up-to-date with the recent scientific studies and developments in dog welfare and training ideology. Scientific evidence shows that dogs learn in much more varied ways than previously understood. Some traditional training methods have value, but often other methodologies can be more useful in creating confident, calm and optimistic dogs. Our approach is therefore holistic and addresses the physical and mental wellbeing of the dog as a top priority.

Our combined studies and certificates include:

  • Dog First Aid: PDSA, Rachel Bean.
  • Perfect Puppy : IMDT.
  • Canine Body Language : IMDT.
  • Professional Day Care and Boarding - Ofqual level 3 : IMDT.
  • Dog Emotion and Cognition : Duke University.
  • Animal Behaviour and Welfare : Edinburgh University.
  • Animal Learning And Training Theory And Techniques : various.
  • Stress in Dogs : various.
  • PVG certificates for working with vulnerable groups