Dog Walking

Enriching walks for individuals and groups:

  • Sociable group walks in countryside and green spaces from £12
  • Solo walks from £18, as requested by owners

Dog Daycare and Boarding

A relaxed home atmosphere creates contented dogs. We provide:

  • companionship
  • a peaceful, comfortable home
  • a secure garden to explore
  • appropriate activities e.g. sofa snuggles, walks, brain/training games, playtime, etc.
  • socialising opportunities
  • boarders have access to their own comfy bedroom when required

Dog welfare and training

We can help you build confidence in your dog, and teach you how to guide and shape your dog’s behaviour.

e.g. help with:

  • puppy socialisation
  • puppy problems
  • house training
  • loose leash walking
  • unwanted behaviour
  • fear issues and reactivity