Dog welfare and training

We offer one-to-one training and socialisation opportunities for pups and adult dogs, tailored to their individual personalities and needs.

We offer an individualised puppy programme, which is a gentle introduction to a life which will be lived around other animals, starting with us, then progressively including other animals of different ages in a variety of different settings. They’ll visit other homes, gardens and commercial environments, and have gentle introductions to all the things they will experience later.

We also offer courses for owners of new puppies or dogs which need a little extra help.

All dogs learn in different ways, depending on their genes, age, health, psychology and previous experiences. Tailoring the environment, routine and management strategies to reduce stress will promote success, facilitate learning, and help to improve confidence, calmness and resilience.

Many issues are easily fixed with simple management techniques or training. Others require a more sensitive understanding of the dog’s emotional and psychological state, and might take longer to address. Either way, your investment of patience, time and commitment will bring happiness and a closer bond between you and your pet.

  • Puppy Tricks and Tips: teaches puppy owners how to create calm, contented puppies, and techniques which make training a treat.
  • The Developing Dog sessions: tailored around the needs of each dog and developing trust, communication, confidence, impulse control, mental enrichment, calming techniques, scentwork and trickwork.
  • Socially distanced, one-to-one training in an outdoor setting, Zoom advice service and online email support.


  • £36 for each session on site or via video. On site training incur a travel surcharge.
  • £18 per hour of training reinforcement during daycare or boarding (e.g. house-training).