Dog Daycare and Boarding

We have the dogs welfare needs at the heart of our approach and do our best to ensure your dogs are happy and relaxed in our home.

  • The house is warm and comfortable, with plenty of sofas, chairs and beds for relaxing on. The dogs can snuggle up with us, or have a bit of space if they prefer.
  • The dogs can relax, explore and play in our secure garden.
  • The dogs have as much company or space as they require. We’re always around to ensure that they’re content and any interaction is reciprocal.
  • Enrichment takes many forms: walks; games; toys; training; exploration, etc.
  • Dogs are fed separately from their own bowls, and owners provide their food and treats, to prevent tummy or allergy issues.
  • We keep the garden and the house clean and safe for your dogs.
  • We monitor for signs of injuries or disease. We can provide first aid care and take them to the vets if needed.
  • Drop off and pick-up times are flexible, and we can provide pet transport if preferred.

In case of extreme weather or poor health of your dogs, alternative indoor enrichment activities will be provided instead of the walks.


For the first booking, we need to assess your dogs and your own needs via:

  • an initial meet & greet, which will be online or by telephone.
  • a familiarisation and assessment session lasting 2 to 4 hours, which gives your dogs time to get to know us and our place, and helps us to make provision for your dog’s needs.

For each booking, you will need to provide us with:

  • a drop off and pick off time (let us know as soon as possible of any delay).
  • a well-fitting harness, a lead and a long line if required.
  • as much of the dog’s daily food and treats as possible, for enrichment activities, bonding and training.
  • favourite toys, and especially chewy toys for puppies.
  • their own blanket and towel are preferable

For boarding, we also require:

  • their normal bed
  • your dog’s crate or puppy pen if they normally like to use it as their den.
  • grooming equipment such as slicker brush, eye wipes, etc.


  • From £20 per dog for up to 9 hours of care.
  • From £35 per dog per day or part-day of boarding.
  • £20 per familiarisation session (up to 2 hours).
  • +£22 per hour of travel if your dogs require to be picked up or taken home.
  • +£18 per hour of training if your dogs require it (e.g. house training).
  • Double rate on Christmas day, Boxing day, New Year’s day and Easter day.

Please note that puppies, adolescents and special needs dogs may be charged at a higher rate, depending on how much one-to-one attention or training they require.

Arousal, Reactivity and Anxiety issues

Some dogs have arousal or anxiety issues which have to be addressed via management and training in order to help them to prepare for boarding. We can provide behavioural advice, training and gradual introductions which will help with the issues, and this is something we have a great deal of experience in, having fostered and cared for many dogs.

Here are examples of what we can and cannot do:

  • We cannot provide our normal daycare and boarding to dogs which dislike other dogs or are highly reactive to them.
  • We cannot immediately provide daycare and boarding to dogs which habitually behave in ways which might affect others. e.g. Excessive vocalisation, constant arousal around other dogs, etc.
  • We CAN give owners a break when we have no other dogs present.
  • We CAN provide short therapy sessions for dogs which reduce stress, help the dog with its fears and frustrations.
  • We CAN give dogs enriching experiences and train them in appropriate places, subject to provision of appropriate management tools, such as a good harness and a long line.
  • We CAN provide training advice and management strategies to owners, and together we can help make things easier for dogs and owners alike.
  • In many cases, we CAN change the emotions of a fearful dog, introduce it gently to our set-up and help build up its spirit and confidence, enabling it to make friends with one or more of our happy band of visitors.

We have helped many other dogs with similar issues, so we know we can help you.